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As one of the top Arizona rehab centers, our team at The Sanctuary at Sedona has an excellent care program that we are ready to share with the world. Our dedication to the success of our clients proves that we are one of the top Arizona rehab centers. By trekking off the beaten path, we have been able to create innovative solutions that provide real-time results for our clients. We pride ourselves in offering holistic treatment options that our clients can count on.

Reasons Why The Sanctuary as Sedona is One of the Best Arizona Rehab Centers

  1. Beyond the Typical Twelve Step Program

At our Arizona addiction recovery center, we are not your average twelve-step program. We provide a thirty-day holistic treatment program that provides clients with the tools they need to achieve success once they leave our facility. We consider ourselves to be a non-twelve step program because we believe our treatments reach for deeper solutions.

  1. Holistic Treatments

Another good reason why our facility stands out is that we don’t offer typical treatment options. We believe in stepping outside of the box to develop effective treatments that provide a full circle of support. Our treatment options are pioneering the way for future holistic treatment facilities to spring up. Those who need drug rehab Arizona can count on us to offer them new and exciting options.

  1. Treating Trauma

Many rehab facilities focus on treating addiction and mental illness because the two diagnoses often go hand in hand. At our facility, we also treat issues related to trauma. More people than ever have experienced some form of trauma in their lives. By offering treatment for trauma symptoms and issues, we are taking away some of the stigmas associated with trauma-related issues.

  1. Addressing the Roots of Addiction and Mental Illness

We do provide alcohol rehab AZ services, but that is not all we can do. Our therapy programs focus on identifying and addressing the roots of addiction and mental illness. We also help people come to terms with the root of their trauma. By addressing the core of the issue, we think the highest level of success is achieved.

  1. Organic Gourmet Food

At our drug and alcohol treatment center in Arizona, we provide our residents with organic gourmet food that is some of the best in the local area. Sometimes, some good food can go a long way with treating the soul.

  1. Private Luxury Rooms

We are one of the top-rated drug detox and rehab centers in Arizona that provides all clients with luxury private rooms that are spacious. It is important to us that our clients feel at home.

  1. Science-Based Recovery Program

Our facility uses recovery programs that are based on actual science. Our team uses fact-based information to create drug and alcohol treatment options.

  1. Twenty Two Acre Campus

The Sanctuary at Sedona has a twenty-two-acre campus that is nothing short of beautiful. Our clients can feel free in the open air!

Arizona Rehab Centers
The Sanctuary at Sedona

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