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Sanctuary Sedona is one of the high-end Arizona drug treatment centers with gourmet meals, state of the art lodging facilities, modern amenities, and life-enriching treatment programs. We are one of the best drug detox and rehab centers in Arizona with a compassionate and highly experienced staff team.

Why is it important to seek treatment for a co-occurring mental disorder?

More than 50% of patients with an addiction condition turn to drugs to overcome the symptoms of their mental disorder or the bitterness of a traumatic event. It can be anything such as the loss of a loved one, sexual abuse, disturbing childhood, etc. In most addiction cases, there is always a root cause for why individuals lean towards the use of drugs.

At our Arizona addiction recovery center, we focus on identifying the root cause of addiction and offer customized treatments and therapies to help individuals overcome their mental disorder, trauma, and emotionally draining memories. Offering treatment for the co-occurring mental disorder reduces the rate of relapse in recovering addicts to less than 2%.

Furthermore, treatment for addiction comprises therapies like biofeedback, CBT, EMDR, trauma touch therapy, somatic experiencing (SEP), etc. All these therapies reprocess the negativity associated with a traumatic or disturbing memory in an individual's brain. It may be impossible to treat addiction without addressing the mental issues in an individual.

Comparison between inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment

We are one of the best rehabs in Arizona to offer both residential as well as outpatient treatment to individuals battling depression, trauma, and substance abuse. The inpatient program yields effective results in a relatively short time than an outpatient program.

On the other hand, an outpatient program is best for those who need to attend school, work, or other family commitments, as these programs require you to participate in treatment for only 1-2 hours a day. Speak to an admissions specialist to figure out the top treatment option for you based on your recovery goals.

Dangers of long term drug addiction

Using drugs in large doses can cause irreversible damages to the brain, liver, kidney, and other vital organs in your body. The biggest problem with addiction is that individuals do not get to decide or control when and how much substance they want to use. Individuals start to develop abusive patterns of behavior towards a drug, which can severely compromise your brain's chemical processes. In worse cases, individuals suffering from dual diagnosis suffer from suicidal thoughts and self-destructive behaviors and end up losing their lives to addiction.

We are one of the few Arizona rehab centers to offer customized treatment for each patient in recovery. We conduct a thorough analysis of a patient's vitals, psychological issues, health condition, and family history before designing an addiction treatment plan.

Help yourself, or a loved one, to break free from the chains of addiction by getting in touch with Sanctuary Sedona today. We are one of the best Arizona drug treatment centers with a 1:1 staff-to-client ratio. We highly recommend our residential drug rehab in Arizona for patients suffering from a moderate to severe addiction condition.

Arizona Drug Treatment Centers
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