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Sanctuary Sedona is one of the best drug detox and rehab centers in Arizona with a team of compassionate and skilled clinical staff teams. We are one of the most sought-after inpatient drug rehabs in AZ with the highest number of positive reviews. At our Arizona drug rehab center, we use therapies like EMDR, biofeedback, cognitive behavioral therapy, and body image therapy to help individuals overcome addiction.

Understanding addiction to heroin

Heroin comes from the seeds of the poppy plant and is a highly addictive drug, and it falls under the opiate family. This drug comes in several different forms, and individuals use different methods to use the drug such as snorting, smoking, injecting, etc.

While heroin users feel the constant need to consistently increase their drug dosage to feel the rush, taking the drug in large doses can lead to death in worse cases. Individuals mostly choose to administer the drug intravenously through injections, and this puts them at a higher risk for virus infections, STDs, and HIV.

Effects of heroin addiction

When you inject heroin, it offers an instant “rush” as the drug immediately reaches the brain. The rush lasts for no more than two minutes, after which a sense of high lasts for up to five hours. While the drug offers instant contentment, drowsiness, and a feeling of relief from tension and anxiety, it causes irreversible dangers to your brain in the long term. It is among the most addictive drugs, and every 1 out of 4 people that try heroin develop an addiction to it.

Addiction to heroin can cause life-threatening conditions and increase your risk for infections like HIV and hepatitis. Some heroin users have serious mental illness and suffer from suicidal thoughts, causing them to lose their lives to intentional overdoses. We are one of the few drug and alcohol rehabs in Arizona to offer tailor-made treatment for heroin addiction.

What is heroin withdrawal?

When individuals stop the use of heroin after consistent use of the drug, they undergo a withdrawal phase. Heroin is a highly addictive substance that negatively impacts the brain reward system and severely compromises its functioning. Heroin withdrawal can be excruciating and produces symptoms like muscle aches, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, agitation, insomnia, vomiting, and anxiety in individuals. Heroin withdrawal can be more intense than quitting prescription painkillers, and the symptoms usually kick in within 6 to 12 hours after the last dosage.

Individuals often suffer from symptoms that resemble the flu, and the pain and discomfort can last for anywhere from 7-10 days. The withdrawal symptoms often reach a peak on the 2nd or 3rd day, and the length of withdrawal symptoms may differ based on factors like length of drug abuse, the dosage of heroin administered each time, frequency of usage, and the presence of co-occurring mental disorder.

Are you looking for an affordable addiction recovery center in Arizona? Call Sanctuary Sedona today for more details on our Arizona drug rehab center. We are the best heroin and drug rehabilitation in Arizona, and we use evidence-based treatments and therapies to treat trauma, addiction, and depression.

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