Alternative Rehab

People experience drugs and alcohol addiction in different ways. While some traditional drug and alcohol rehab programs work well for some addicts, there are situations where the traditional method will not align with the client's needs, and alternative approaches are often carried out to guarantee a successful recovery. Alternative alcohol and drug treatment methods are often found in private rehab centers. These methods are quite successful, especially for those who have been through more than one type of rehabilitation program and need something more unique.

At The Sanctuary at Sedona, we are one of the leading alternative rehab centers in Arizona. We provide a multi-faceted approach by offering a wide range of alternative treatments to heal your body, mind, and soul.

What is Alternative Rehab?

Alternative rehab may be the best choice for those seeking a new approach to overcoming addiction. Alternative rehab facilities see drug and alcohol addiction as not only a treatable disease but also curable one. While some programs place a significant emphasis on treating only the symptoms of addiction, many underlying issues go untreated. Many who suffer from substance abuse also have other related problem including high levels of stress, mental health problems, and traumatic histories. Alternative therapy aims to address all issues related to substance abuse and enable a full recovery. 

Alternative Rehab Options

When the traditional methods of treating addiction don't align with patients' needs, alternative approaches such as these may better suit them: 

  • Meditation– calm the mind, allow for acknowledgment, and refocusing
  • Reiki– health and spiritual benefits through relaxation and calm.
  • Nutrition – return necessary vitamins and minerals to the body, relieving symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other imbalances related to addiction
  • Massage– helps alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other mental health symptoms
  • Chanting– provides inner dialog and exploration of spirituality
  • Yoga– reinforce inner strength and produce a positive outlook
  • Neurofeedback– working with electrodes and visibly interacting with brain waves, decrease symptoms associated with addiction, anxiety, depression, and other disorders
  • Aromatherapy – assists in the exploration of psychological and emotional strain that may be the root causes of substance abuse.
  • Acupuncture– may affect physiological activities related to substance abuse.

Alternative alcohol and drug rehab programs tend to encourage change within the individual seeking treatment. This allows them to focus on the person they are striving to become and regain control of their lives. 

How Effective Are Alternative Approaches?

Those who are looking into alternative treatment programs may find it challenging to see research backing the efficacy of such treatments. For this reason, the effectiveness of the techniques is still unknown. But, these treatment programs could attract those who might not be interested in conventional treatments, but willing to try treatments that provide a higher likelihood of long-term recovery.

Finding the Right Option

It may be time to look at an alternative approach if you or a loved one has been through addiction treatment before. If you need help finding a rehab program or exploring alternatives to traditional alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs, contact The Sanctuary at Sedona today to speak to a rehab specialist who can help you get started.




Alternative Rehab
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