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Photo of Taylor Kurz

Taylor Kurz

Yoga Instructor E- RYT 500, C-IAYT

Taylor Kurz is a clinical yoga therapist and a student of yoga since 2002. She was initiated into the Sivananda lineage in Rishikesh, India, in 2010, with the following decade involving deeper study, practice, teaching, and certifications in Bihar-based Hatha yoga, therapeutic Hatha with an Ayurvedic emphasis, and Kundalini. She had the honor of leading others through hundreds of sadhanas (daily spiritual practices) over the years and teaching yoga teacher trainings in Hatha, Therapeutic Hatha, and Kundalini alongside her beloved teacher, mentor, and friend, Sraddhasagar (Ruth) Hartung, at Seven Centers Yoga Arts, for years until the school’s closure in 2020. She values sharing from her personal experience to bestow an integral, Sattvic (pure, balanced) approach and discipline to practicing and facilitating. She endeavors to share the teachings as a means to balance the nervous system and psyche, clarify the mind, purify the heart, soften the holdings within the human experience, and develop the meditative mind of neutral awareness. Taylor deeply believes in the medicine of yoga’s wisdom and honors it also as an opportunity to come home to ourselves, investigate our resistances, integrate them, and purify obstructions that may have once separated us from the realization of our true nature; the innate intelligence of the great mystery that connects us all. It is within the practice that we can cultivate a space of neutrality, peace, authenticity, radical acceptance, and a relationship with what exists beyond the finite realm of change. It offers the potential to explore that deep and timeless space of curiosity, acceptance, and integration that we can weave into the tapestry of our lives and all our relations- regardless of if we are experiencing the tribulations of deep suffering and adversity, or vibrant health and joy. It brings deep meaning and humility to her life to be a part of the medicine the Sanctuary tirelessly offers to all those that it serves.