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Rowan Kensey photo

Rohan Kensey

Alternative and Complementary Health, Counselor

Rohan has a background in nature connection therapy, reiki and energy medicine, and shamanic studies. With a BA in Conservation Biology and as a Four Winds graduate, Rohan offers a blend of nature connection and spiritual practices to help clients be recovered from addiction, anxiety, and depression and to integrate a holistic recovery practice into their daily lives. Rohan is a licensed Arizona Behavioral Health Technician and offers cacao ceremonies, energy medicine treatments, nature hikes, and individual resource sessions
at The Sanctuary at Sedona.

“After 3 treatment centers and endless sobriety and relapse cycles, it wasn’t until I healed and heard the calling of my soul and spirit that I truly addressed what it was I was looking for in my addiction. For me, addiction was a call to something greater and I needed the type of work done at The Sanctuary to get in touch with that calling and truly be recovered.”