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photo of Maya Rain

Maya Rain, LAC

Licensed Associate Counselor

Maya Rain has her MA in Art Therapy Counseling. She is a Licensed Associate Counselor (LAC) in the state of Arizona and a primary therapist at The Sanctuary. She provides individual and group sessions for all clients during their stay. Maya also provides aftercare options once clients leave The Sanctuary to help them integrate the lessons they have learned back into their home lives. Her work primarily focuses on trauma, attachment, and mindfulness practices. 

As an artist herself, Maya chose to get her master’s degree in art therapy to incorporate expressive media, intuition, and cognitive processing into her work as a psychotherapist. Although many of her sessions are structured as more traditional ‘talk therapy,’ the importance of creativity, exploration, and vulnerability run through each of her sessions with clients. She uses aspects of spirituality to help clients anchor in their understanding of themselves, the universe, and their purpose in life. Gratitude and mindfulness practices are often taught and expanded upon based on other concepts clients learn while at The Sanctuary.