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Keith Walters Photo

Keith Walters, B.S.

Complementary Health Practitioner

Keith has a dynamic background of life skills and experience that allows him to connect with and influence people in a unique and authentic way.

He is a Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner, Master Ceremonialist, Ordained Minister, Yoga Teacher, and Meditation Coach.

Keith has devoted his life to studying consciousness, particularly the practice and embodiment of ancient indigenous wisdom traditions and spiritual teachings that create health and well-being on all levels of body, mind, and soul.

He is an Initiate and lineage keeper of the Yungdrung Bön tradition of Tibet and the Bwiti of West Africa. He has trained extensively in Amazonian and Andean Shamanism, Ashtanga Yoga, Dzogchen Meditation, the Human Design System, and the Medicine Wheel, which allows him to see things from multiple lenses and perspectives to facilitate sustainable healing and transformation.

Keith enjoys connecting with nature and learning from the wisdom of the Earth, sharing this wisdom with others through rites of passage, personal embodiment, and treating life as a sacred ceremony.