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Jean Ann Gardner RN

AZ Licensed RN

Jean Ann Gardner  RNAs a practicing RN for over 30 years and a lifelong practitioner of Yoga and Movement,Jeanne lives and breathes a holistic approach to health and wellness.Classically trained in the Art and Science of Nursing at SUNY AlbanyAffiliate program HVCC School of Nursing in upstate New York.Jeanne gained expertise in a multi-year residency in Tertiary care and Trauma medicine.Including  Neurosurgery, Spinal Cord Injuries,  ICU, and a Burn Unit residency,Neonatal ICU, Obstetrics and Gynecology.  In New York at Albany Medical Center and organically branched out into Midwifery in the North West and eventually Hospice Care in the South West.She moved with her small family to the Pacific Northwest for 10 years and then settled in the desert southwest over 25 years ago.Jeanne’s nursing practice is Integrative and Holistic.She is a trained Herbalist with a passion for Alternative, Functional, and Regenerative medicine.Utilizing diverse modalities to achieve health and recovery, Including Herbalism, Macrobiotics, Energy medicine, Acupressure, Hydro Therapy, Breathwork,  Somatic release, Myofascial release, and Movement therapy.Her current passions include creating unique Bio-Individual Nutrition plans for clients and enhancing her knowledge ofNeuro divergence, the Microbiome and brain health.Jeanne has learned to engage tools gathered along the path to support her own deep personal healing journey.This experience enables her to share a robust skill set with her clients to help them achieve the best quality of life possible.Jeanne remains committed to the Spectrum of the Healing arts and the continued transformation of her clients and herself—“Primum non Nocere”Trans.; “ First do no Harm”    Hippocrates