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Chris Robertson, BScOT, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist
Chris Robertson, BScOT, LMT
Christine’s modality is John Barnes Myofascial Release. She is at the expert level of this and has completed all of the extensive courses and repeated many of them several times. Christine appreciates the practice of Myofascial Release because it is effective in treating both acute and longstanding injuries. Additionally, this treatment has a deeper, more mystical component of somatically releasing past physical and emotional traumas. Christine believes Myofascial Release bridges her extensive mediation experience and previous rehabilitation practice as an Occupational Therapist. 

Christine practiced as a Massage Practitioner at the age of 19 and then got her degree in Occupational Therapy. She worked in a specialized Rehabilitation Hospital, and later the in community. She enjoyed teaching meditation and relaxation while working in Psychiatry and Addictions. 

As an Occupational Therapist, Christine later specialized in treating edema and Lymphedema with Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Compression Therapy. Christine completed all of the intensive Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage training. 
Christine has dedicated her adult life to the exploration of consciousness. She practiced Goenka Vipassana meditation for seven years and went on a Pilgrimage with S.N. Goenka to India. She returned to India, as well as Nepal and Tibet to seriously practice meditation and to become fluent in the Tibetan Language. She has completed numerous extensive meditation retreats, as long as 6 months of 10-12 hours/day. She is fortunate to have some of the greatest Tibetan Lamas as her personal teachers. At the invitation of one of her teachers, she taught English at a Tibetan orphanage without electricity or running water in Kham, Tibet. Christine has joyously attended several week-long Joe Dispenza retreats. She loves his teachings on Epigenetics, the Quantum, and how to manifest the life we want to live. 
She is grateful to be working at the Sanctuary (since 2017), as this environment embodies everything she values. Christine loves witnessing the miraculous transformations that clients have during their time at The Sanctuary.
In her life Christine appreciates being in nature, mountain biking, yoga, animals, volunteering, helping those in need, protecting human rights, and standing for freedom.