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Photo of Callie Baxter

Callie Baxter

Admissions Coordinator

Callie is a former client and success story of The Sanctuary. After several failed attempts at recovery from addiction and anxiety through different healing modalities, Callie was able to find the inner peace and healing she had longed for during her stay at The Sanctuary. She now finds immense fulfillment by offering support to callers while relaying her first-hand experience of the magic that is possible at The Sanctuary. She is passionate about healthy living and leaving a positive imprint to make the world a better place. Callie has a BA in Communications from The College of Charleston, attended The Culinary Institute of Charleston for Sports and Nutrition, is a Certified Raw Vegan Chef & Detox Coach, and is a Certified RYT 200 Yoga Instructor. Her playful, optimistic, yet genuine approach to life makes her warm and welcoming to all she meets. After her stay as a client at The Sanctuary, Callie relocated to Cornville, AZ where she is able to stay connected to The Sanctuary family that transformed her life and pay it forward to those in need.