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Addiction Recovery and Human Electrical Body

3 Tips to Balance Addiction Recovery and Human Electrical Body to Achieve Physical Healing.   Even if you don’t consciously realize it, there are electrical forces within your body that impact the functions that are keeping you alive. Nerve impulses are small electrical energy signals, and these signals create magnetic energy waves. Human electrical energy […]

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Gut health
Can Intestinal Health Help Brain Function in Addiction Recovery ?

  5 Tips for Intestinal Health to Help Improve Brain Function Can intestinal health help brain function in addiction recovery ?   It is easy to see why holistic practitioners urge their patients to make dietary changes, because more information is coming to light that shows a direct connection between intestinal health and brain function. […]

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Can Prescription Drugs Lead to Illegal Drug Use?

Reasons Why Prescription Drugs Can Lead to Illegal Drug Use.   Drug addiction can begin very unexpectedly, especially when the addiction develops because of the use of a prescription medication provided by a doctor. There are benefits to using prescription medications for a variety of health concerns, but it is possible for these prescriptions to […]

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8 Signs of Prescription Drug Addiction

8 Signs of Prescription Drug Addiction A growing addiction problem is prescription drug addiction, and this condition is often ignored or brushed aside because people don’t realize how serious it can be. The assumption is that the medication is safe to use since it was originally prescribed by a doctor, which makes people think that […]

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Depressed person
Childhood Trauma Can Lead to Codependency

Why Childhood Trauma Can Lead to Codependency Codependency isn’t often thought of as an addiction, but it is possible for a person to develop codependency which strongly impacts the types of relationships they develop in their life. It is common for a codependent person to form a relationship with someone else suffering from their own […]

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